Who are we

Our Aim:

Four Seasons Ecological Life Association (Dört Mevsim Ekolojik Yaşam Derneği) aims to create connections between rural and urban areas of Ankara by way of food produced with methods that take care for both nature and communities.

Our Dream:

Four Seasons Ecological Life Association envisages a democratic social life in and around Ankara, in which people are in close connection with nature and meet their nutritional and other needs through local resources.

Our Areas of Work

  • To realize its aim, the Four Seasons Ecological Life Association:
  • Encourages the production of safe food with nature-friendly methods.
  • Promotes the philosophy and principles of agroecology.
  • Works for creating contact between producers and consumers and food communities.
  • Supports the formation and development of food communities.
  • Creates opportunities for mutual learning and solidarity among rural and urban communities.
  • Applies and exemplifies practices of ecological living, nature friendly production and green technology.